Accelerated Freefall

The Accelerated Freefall course (AFF) includes a total of 6 accompanied jumps including 1 accompanied by 2 instructors and 5 accompanied by 1 instructor.
This course allows you to access free fall from the first jump.
At 4000 meters for 50 seconds of free fall, you will learn to control your body position and open your parachute. The instructor will be present to ensure your safety. The descent under canopy lasts between 5 and 7 minutes. Thanks to the radio in your possession, an instructor will guide you from the ground.
The objective of this course is to acquire autonomy in free fall and under canopy so as to jump alone and to pilot your canopy until landing.
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Before your 1st jump, theoretical training will be provided (approximately 6 hours). This training aims at giving you all the important information: the material, the planes, the free fall, body position, the opening, canopy piloting, emergency procedures…

Depending on your level, it is possible to add a jump with 2 instructors or a jump with 1 instructor. Only your instructor can assess the need.
Your instructor is there to ensure your safety during the AFF but also afterwards.
It is important to be attentive throughout the training and not to hesitate to ask questions.

At the end of the course, your instructor will give you a log book justifying the AFF as well as his agreement for you to jump alone.

When you finish your AFF, you can jump alone and pack your parachute !!!

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